The Engaging Choice Platform is a patented performance and personalization engine built for the App Economy. We don’t just show ads. We present offers and give users the power of choice, creating an entirely engaged interaction that benefits user, marketer and publisher.

Make Your Engaging Choice Today

Harness the power of mass personalization with first-party data and advanced matching programs.

For Consumers

Choice. Control. Power. Enjoyment.

Tell publishers what interests you. Not just content, but the kind of products and brands you are interested in. Maybe to learn. Maybe to buy. But entirely your choice. And even better: no creepy tracking pixels. Your personal profile drives the entire process.

I am an App Publisher for mobile, tablet and/or CTV

Engage more deeply, directly and with greater flexibility with your users and marketers

Let consumers tell you what interests them. Not just with content, but with ads and marketing messages. Give them the power to tell you what products and brands interests them most -- and then let our platform deliver offers and incentives from marketers who satisfy those needs. You will earn greater revenues and consumer loyalty.


The time has come to stop the madness. Target your offers and consumers personally, privately and directly.

We've come a long way since media buying was like playing pin the tail on the donkey. And the Engaging Choice platform and network of app publishers are taking that game to new heights. Define your target audience -- gender, age, location, product or brand interest -- and reach them...because they have told us what they want from you.

Content Providers

Reach new audiences and publisher partners on the Engaging Choice Network

Welcome to Engaging Choice. Our patented platform puts your content front and center with the audience you always thought would be interested in it.

Consumers tell us about their premium content interests and we provide publishers with an opportunity to put that content to work -- generating both you and the publisher a significantly higher pay-per-view/pay-per-click than other platforms.

Our process is patented and personal -- we don't share -personal information and we don't use creepy tracking pixels to follow users around the internet and keep showing the same shoe, car, beer or toy ad every where they go.

We are entirely app based, and our network of engaged apps is growing daily. We don't ask for or require exclusivity, but give you the tools to manage windows, geographic targeting and other key licensing requirements.

About Us

Engaging Choice has built the App Economy's Monetization and Engagement Platform.

Based on a patented process, we have constructed a way for publishers, marketers and consumers to all benefit from their time together on apps -- phone, tablet and connected television.

Our highly-secure platform is built to be self-service, easy to use and highly valuable for all.

Publishers can increase both user engagement and revenue per user and revenue per session.

Marketers are able to provide offers, promotions and incentives to the customers who have raised their hands and told us they are interested in your brands, products and/or categories.

Content Providers receive a new, higher paying syndication model by allowing us to make your content available to publishers on our platform who are interested in featuring it.

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